How to buy online & Ship from Zara USA


Buying our needs online comes with advantages and disadvantages, especially from the US. Obviously, when shopping online, from the comfort of your couch, you enjoy a wide range of options that blow your mind and attract you automatically to the “add to cart” button. However, the high customs charges usually jeopardize the whole online shopping experience for you.

So, “how can you solve this problem?”

Have you heard before about Lynks? It’s your ultimate solution to deal with the hassle that comes with online shopping.

Whether you want to buy from Zara USA or any other brand located in the US, it’s your time now with Lynks!

Zara USA vs. Zara Egypt 

It goes without saying that it’s better to buy from Zara USA than go for Zara Egypt. Besides all year’s Zara’s offers and discounts, Zara USA’s website is awash with styles and colors that will never be produced and launched in Egypt’s Zara. Also, you’ll purchase your favorite products at lower prices compared to what you pay here in Egypt.


How to Buy Online From Zara USA Through Lynks

Firstly, “What is Lynks?” Lynks is a service designed specifically to ease the online shopping process for you. Not only does it cover the whole process, from dealing with customs clearance to shipping, but also it provides you with cashback deals and special promotions, including but not limited to discounts up to 75% on customs.

Here are the exact steps that you should follow to place an order on Lynks:

  1. Choose the best products out there from your favorite online stores from the US, UK, or UAE.
  2. Copy and paste their links in the blank cell or box located above the button: “Order Now.”
  3. Add the required product information.
  4. Add your shipping address.
  5. Choose a suitable payment option after checking the total cost.

how to order from shein through lynks:

What are the offers that Lynks offers to all its clients?

100% discount on customs for the first order and 3% cashback through the coupon inside the link:
75% discount on customs – 75% discount on service fees + 3% cashback through the coupon inside the link:
If you encounter any problems, you can contact customer service through the website: or call 16235.

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