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It’s the holiday shopping season, and if you’re an early bird who prefers to wrap up your gifts before end of December or get your new year to-buy list early, now’s the time to start. Walmart is a great place to find those harder-to-find items. also, that’s the time every year to wish we have Walmart Egypt, eBay Egypt, and so on ( But we solve it for now) and you can go shopping online from USA to Egypt through Lynks!

So get shopping, and have an efficient and happy holiday season with a great online shopping experience here…

5 Finds you should buy this season from Walmart 

1. Apple AirPods Pro (1st Generation)

These days, it feels like you can’t walk a few steps without spotting someone with AirPods in. From running and grocery shopping to and driving, We see them everywhere – and for good reason! AirPods are the perfect pick for so many situations, and Reviews have even given them top marks for being the best wireless headphones. Best of all, they’re so easy to set up, connect to Bluetooth, and recharge – what more could you ask for?

Buy these AirPods from Walmart 

best walmart finds to shop

2. HadinEEon Milk Frother

If you love hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and matcha, then a milk frother is an absolute must-have for your kitchen. Initially, This slim milk frother fits nicely in the cupboard and can whip up your favorite milk in less than two minutes – perfect for that French press or pour-over. It’s also compatible with almond, coconut, and (my personal favorite) oat milk, although the foam level varies depending on the type and brand you use. What’s more, this gift might even help unleash your creative side – so who knows, maybe you’ll be the master of your own latte art!

Buy the milk frother

milk frother

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3. Mainstays Warm Apple Pie Frosted Glass

Stepping into a home filled with the delightful aroma of Mainstays candles is truly cozy. From the aromatic Apple Pie to the inviting Pumpkin Spice, there’s no shortage of scents to choose from – enough to fill every room of any house. For the seasoned candle-lover, a new Mainstays candle is always a welcomed addition to their arsenal. For those who don’t have any candles, a Mainstays candle may just be the right one to get them started on their journey to candle-loving!

Buy candles from walmart

4. Lavish Home Laptop Buddy Portable

This Laptop Buddy laptop desk is a total game-changer for those without a traditional workspace. It instantly turns the couch into a functional area, making it easy to take Netflix breaks after knocking out homework. The ultra-smooth surface helps laptops stay level, cool, and comfortable – plus, it doubles as a writing desk for meetings and classes. Plus, a handy cup holder means you can keep your favorite drink within reach!

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5. Sunbeam Electric Heated Fleece Blanket

Nothing beats snuggling up under a cozy electric blanket during the winter months! we should know, we all usually are found walking from room to room with a fluffy blanket draped around us like Jon Snow’s cape! If you have a friend who already has a whole cupboard of fuzzy socks, why not make the ultimate gesture of comfort and give them an electric blanket? This fleece throw will keep them warm all day on the couch and cuddly in bed. It’s wallet-friendly and machine washable, so no need to worry if they have a few mishaps with their hot cocoa! This particular model is ideal for couples, as it comes in four sizes and with two separate controls to ensure both people stay as toasty as they want.

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How To Buy these amazing items from Walmart USA while in Egypt?

You can buy from Walmart through Lynks. delivering your items to your doorstep in Egypt with extra discounts on international shipping and customs fees. (See How)

 Follow these steps and shop with Lynks!

  1. Choose the best products out there from your favorite online stores in the US, UK, or UAE.
  2. Copy and paste their links in the blank cell or box located above the button: “Order Now.”
  3. Add the required product information.
  4. Use Promo code { FIRST } to get a 100% discount on customs and 6% cashback.
  5. Add your shipping address.
  6. Choose a suitable payment option after checking the total cost.

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