How to grow your business with Lynks Egypt?


Lynks Egypt promotes freedom from geographic restrictions by facilitating online shopping from any online store in America and China. The website can be delivering the shipment to the customers’ residence with the highest quality and in the shortest time possible.

Lynks teamwork understands the difficult challenges shoppers now face with regard to international shipping, due to the difficulty of its procedures and its high cost. Therefore, our team facilitates online shopping egypt from Amazon or any other online store in America or China.

Plus, our team bears the trouble of all subsequent procedures for the product ordering process, starting with shipping within America or China, then international shipping and customs clearance, even shipping the product to your door.

Since Lynks has a skilled and specialized team in obtaining the lowest shipping rates without reducing the quality of transporting products to the place you want, the site does not act as an electronic medium for serving individuals only; but it provides its services to merchants and companies in Egypt as well.

Lynks Egypt is able to bring in shipments to merchants and companies in the quantities they desire and with the best deals.

How can you grow a business with Lynks Egypt?

The Lynks website offers a number of monthly packages for companies and merchants who frequently shop online.

What is the Lynks business system?

With lynx shipping services, companies and merchants can buy all the products they want from America and China at a wholesale price with the best discounts on customs, taxes and service fees by subscribing to one of the packages offered, including:

1. Small Business Package

With the Lynks Small Business Package, you can buy from amazon in egypt and get 100% customs and tax deductions. The shipping fees in this package amount to $ 3.6 per 100 grams of shipment weight and the service fee is $ 1 + 11% of the product price on the store, with a maximum of 100 thousand pounds per month. Just, you must pay 199 EGP a month.

2. Flat Rate package from Lynks Egypt

This package provides you with exemption from taxes, customs fees, and service fees, with the payment of $ 4.5 USD per 100 grams of shipment weight as fees for international shipping. This applies to purchases of a maximum value of 250 thousand pounds per month, as opposed to paying 299 pounds per month.

3. Business Elite Package

This package gives you the ability to unlimited purchase of products per month in addition to full exemption from customs and taxes with the payment of $ 3.4 per 100 grams of shipment weight as fees for international shipping and $ 1 + 9% of the product price as service fees. Just, pay 499 pounds per month.

In addition to these packages, the Lynks egypt site can give companies customized packages according to their different needs and working conditions.

To subscribe to one of these packages or request a custom plan, you can visit the Lynks Business Plans page.

Lynks Egypt is characterized by being cheaper than other sites that provide the same services, as it offers a special discount on international shipping that ranges from 3.4 to 4.5 US dollars for every 100 grams of shipment weight according to the type of package or plan. While other sites require from 4 to 5 US dollars for every 100 grams of the weight of the shipment.

In addition, Lynks has multiple options for merchants and companies about maximum purchases, ranging between 100,000 pounds per month and an unlimited number of purchases. While other sites require their customers to make purchases estimated at 100 thousand pounds per month as a maximum, regardless of the type of package.

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