Know the difference between Gebhaly and Lynks


The Gebhaly website acts as an intermediary to buy from famous American electronic stores and ship them to Egypt, to be delivered to your doorstep in the same condition that it was received. Gebhaly Company has been shipping products from America to Egypt since 2016 and is headquartered in Heliopolis, Cairo.

About Gebhaly

The Gebhaly website facilitates the process of shipping from usa to egypt through an easy-to-use online platform. Also, the website services are characterized by speed, competitive prices, and a tracking system that enables the customer to track his purchase to know the location of his shipment and when he will receive it.

The website provides its services in a high-quality manner and without any additional cost that appears upon receipt of the product. Also, the site provides its customers with a detailed statement of the final cost of the product with shipping and customs expenses before confirming the purchase.

With Jebhali, you can buy from amazon in egypt and receive your product within 7 to 21 working days. The site also provides multiple options for payment methods for products, including Fawry, Visa, and MasterCard, in addition to bank transfer, manual collection, or  gebhaly wallet.

The site allows you to purchase through it by simple steps, which is to copy the link of the product you want from the most trusted American electronic stores and place it in the designated place on the site’s home page. Then enter the quantity, color, and size of the product you want, choose the appropriate payment method, confirm the order, and wait for your product to be received.

What US stores does Jebhali support?

The Gebhaly website supports a variety of American online stores, including:

  • Amazon.
  • eBay.
  • Michael Kors.
  • 6PM website.
  • macy’s.
  • Forever 21.

Gebhaly features

The Jebhali website offers discounts to its permanent customers by obtaining 100% discounts from customs and other various discounts on the value-added tax and expenses of the Gebhali website through various monthly packages whose prices range from 199 EGP to 299 EGP.

The site also offers special discounts for distinguished customers who deal in the field of e-commerce permanently, and the total cost of their purchases exceeds 100 thousand pounds per month.

The site provides its customers with an electronic calculator to calculate the cost of the shipment before confirming the order by entering the price of the product, its estimated weight, the quantity you want, and the city in which you want to receive the product.

Payment features

how to buy from amazon in egypt ? With Gebhaly I buy from America to Egypt and pay an international shipping fee of $ 5 on the first 250 grams of product weight, then $ 10 for every 250 grams. The site also receives from customers customs duties that are calculated according to the product category, in addition to the customs fees, and the value-added tax on customs, which is 14% of the product price on the store.

The site asks customers to pay the full cost of the shipment when ordering, except for international shipping. the customer can choose to pay the international shipping with the full cost upon request or pay it upon receipt to calculate the weight of the shipment in kilograms.

If you want to return your purchases after ordering them from gebhaly, you can return them upon their arrival at their office in Egypt with a fee of $ 10 per 500 grams of the product’s weight. but, you can’t return your purchases after they are shipped from the store to the Jebhaly office in America. And, the return process is according to the return policy of the site that you purchased from.

The Jabhali website allows you to buy from amazon or any other US online store, but it does not guarantee that the product will be free from manufacturing defects or coverage it.

The difference between the Gebhaly and Lynks

The service fee16% on the online product price$ 1 + 11% of the online product price
Shipping time7 to 21 working daysThere are two types of shipping: Standard: 14 to 20 business days. Express: 7 to 10 working days.
Cashbacknot available3% cashback on every order.
The shipping fee$ 5 for the first 250 grams of product weight, then $ 10 for every other 250 grams.2$ per 100g of product weight
Tax within America14% on the value of the shipmentNo
The currencyEgyptian poundEgyptian pound

• Lynks is a broker for buying from Amazon Egypt and other American and Chinese online stores, unlike other sites that ship from US stores only.

• Lynks also provides fast shipping service that is not provided by the Gebhaly website. In addition, it is distinguished from other competitors in that it provides 3% cashback to customers on every order made through it.

• The Lynks site is cheaper than Edfa3ly and Jebhali, as it collects a fee of 11% + $ 1 for the service it provides, while Edfa3ly and Jebhali collect a service fee of 16% of the product price.

• Lynks doesn’t collect from its customers the value of taxes in America, while Gebhally site collects 14% of the product price as taxes in America.

To buy what you want from products through Linux, you can copy the link of the product you want from any reliable US or Chinese website and place it on the home page of the site, enter the required data, pay the shipping value, and wait for your order to arrive at your door.

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