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Recently, with the growing number of smaller to medium-scale companies aimed at maximizing profit, many entrepreneurs had to deal with the currency crunch and raw materials cost increase. Some even looked to tap into export opportunities from Egypt to the U.S., UAE, and other global markets in hopes of getting new opportunities and high-profit margins.

As a result of the fluctuations, the price of our Egyptian products will be highly competitive and affordable in other markets such as the USA, UK, and UAE. This presents a unique opportunity for Egyptian products to sweep the foreign markets.  At Lynks Export, we have the expertise to manage all steps of exporting and listing products,  from preparing the required paperwork to shipping items internationally to warehouses, stocking up, advertising across multiple online stores, generating the content, and delivering to customers – plus receiving payments from foreign banks. It can be a real challenge for most businesses, but we wanted to make it simpler, so here we are – ready to help you grow your business!

Unlock new export opportunities and tap into global markets with Lynks Export!

Lynks export makes it easy to expand your business overseas and get your goods to the USA and the UAE!

they’ll also handle marketing your products and creating professional content on the most popular e-commerce platforms (Amazon USA, Amazon Egypt, Amazon UAE, Noon Emirates, Noon Egypt, Etsy, and eBay) and start the selling process to get your ROI and maximize your profits by taking advantage of the currency exchange rates, with the ability to add the platform commission, raw material costs, and more to the selling price, while still keeping the price competitive.

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Do Lynks Export provide import and export services? How can I find export opportunities to sell my products overseas?

For project owners seeking to expand their business and gain a foothold in global markets, Lynks Export Solutions is the best choice. It’s more than an import and export company, providing services such as shipping international products, marketing solutions, and after-sales services, all designed to ensure the best experience for customers.

Lynks export services :

  • Selling your products abroad and profiting from international markets with a very good margin
  • Lynks export will take care of all the arrangements and logistical steps for your international shipping and storage of your products.
  • Professional advertising on Amazon and Noon platforms in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Introduce your product to the world with English professional content and a detailed, tailored description!
  • Our highly trained customer service team is here to answer any questions from the customers
  • Post-Purchase Service and Returns Handling.

How to export from Egypt through Lynks

export opportunities with lynks export

 1- All you have to do is send us your products to store in our warehouses.

 2- Send us the pricing list with all the details.

 3- We will ship your products to our warehouses in USA, UK, and UAE.

 4- we will create professional English content that includes item descriptions and listings.

 5-We will handle and answer all the coming inquiries from customers through our professional Customer support team.

 6- We deliver the order to the customer and collect cash.

 7- And Voila, your payout is ready. we will transfer the item price to your Egyptian bank account after deducting (E-commerce platform fees + Lynks fees).

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What is the best product to export from Egypt and sell on international markets?

Choosing the right product to export is critical when it comes to the pre-sale and export stages. Whether it be the USA or the UAE, taking into account multiple factors before you decide which product to include in your list of exports is a must.

1- Explore the ideal marketplace for your offerings

In order to make sure the product you select is a perfect fit for the market, you need to do your research; analyze the market, consider geographic factors, get to know the nature and behavior of people, study the characteristics and pricing of similar products already in the market, and then make your move.

2- Added value and competitive edge

In order to stand out in the competition, you must bring something new to the table – be it a unique set of raw materials, an improved manufacturing process, extra features, an attractive price point, or anything else. Showcase the value of your product and give customers a compelling reason to choose you!

3- Gaining an understanding of state regulations

delving into the culture of the people can help you to select the right product – one that will truly meet their needs.

4- Getting your product noticed and sold starts with mastering the basics of photography

You’ll want to be sure to photograph the item from all angles and capture the details that make it stand out. Keep in mind that, for many buyers, the purchasing process is done through visuals, so make sure you showcase the product in the best light.

5- Unlock the possibilities in front of you 

investigate international export opportunities originating from Egypt and register with them today to start experiencing the market. To get the best out of your endeavors, we strongly suggest that you become a part of the Lynks Export family and see what else they can offer you!

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What specific regulations and conditions must be met for exporting from Egypt, and Lynks export terms and conditions?


If you’re looking to export your products from Egypt to overseas, you must go through many key steps, such as registering your company officially, followed by the logistics for international transportation and customs, storing the goods at the destination country, paying in a foreign currency, and then having a dedicated team to manage the product, market and sell it – a challenging task for any new business owner.

With over 10 years of experience in the fields of import and export, logistics, and cross-border shopping, Lynks is proud to boast an incredibly knowledgeable team of 90 individuals across a range of departments to assist customers in exporting their products, growing their business, and increasing their profits.
We wish you a smooth export journey with Lynks
Good Luck!

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