About eshtreely website and its most important features


eshtreely is one of the most popular online brokerage sites as it acts as a mediator between the Egyptian local consumer and global online stores in many countries. The site allows you to buy what you want from any online store and have it delivered to your home within days.

About eshtreely website

  • eshtreely website owns an office in Alexandria Governorate, Egypt, and another in the United States of America and has been working in this field for 6 years.
  • The website allows customers to purchase products from reputable and reliable online shopping sites in a few simple steps. It also provides them with multiple payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, and Fawry, or through a representative who goes from their affiliate company to the customers’ homes to receive the money.
  • The user must choose the product he wants, copy his link and place it on the site and specify the required quantity, color, and size from it. After that, the user will receive an e-mail message stating the value of the product, shipping, and taxes related to it, to be paid in Egyptian or American currency.
  • The eshtrely website gets 15% of the total product price, local shipping fees, and taxes as service fees. As for shipping fees from America to Egypt, the site deducts from the customer $ 14 for each half a kilo of the weight of the product to be shipped.
  • eshtreely allows you to buy from usa to egypt by offering only one option for shipping products, which is express shipping. If you order the product and pay its fees before 3 pm, the product will arrive at you on the same day. If you pay after that, you will get your product the next day. You can also pick up your product from the site’s office in Alexandria or have it delivered to your door.

eshtreely features

eshtreely is famous for the many advantages that made it among the best, including:

  1. eshtrely ​​Company is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and has a tax registration number and a legal registration number.
  2. The website provides a calculator to calculate the value to be paid according to the product price, weight, required number from it, in addition to its shipping costs.
  3. The website asks its customers to pay the required amount without any additional fees that appear suddenly.
  4. The site includes a page that includes many reliable electronic stores that can purchase from, classified (children and games, books, auto parts and accessories, computers, electronics, watches and jewelry, and many others).
  5. There is no local tax (the tax that is paid within America) on clothes and shoes because the site ships the product to its office in New Jersey, America.
  6. The website allows you to get all your money back if you received a product with the wrong size, color, or any specifications.
  7. You can return or exchange the product that you purchased through the site provided that shipping and other charges are paid following the seller’s return policy.

The web stores that you can buy from via eshtrely

Via eshtrely, you can shipping from amazon to Egypt and others trusted web stores, like:

  1. eBay.
  2. Asus.
  3. Michael Kors.
  4. Forever 21.
  5. Ralph Lauren.
  6. Aeropostale.

What is the difference between eshtreely and lynks?

  1. eshtreely provides one shipping option, which is express shipping. As for the lynks website, it provides two shipping options, which are standard shipping; the shipment will arrive within 14 to 20 days and express shipping.
  2. The customer who orders the product through eshtrely must wait for a message delivered to his e-mail indicating the value of the product and the total payment required to be paid to ship it to Egypt. As for the lynks site, it allows you to know the value of the product, its shipping, and taxes while ordering the product through the site.
  3. Lynks is a unique experience that allows you to ship to egypt without sales tax because the company ships the product to a country where there is no sales tax.
  4. eshtreely fees are 15% of the total product value, its shipping, and taxes. As for lynks, it only deducts 11% of the original price of the product, plus $1.

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