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If you are a big fan for shein products, great offers and outstanding looks with affordable price then you are in the right place!

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Buy Online From Shein with low shipping fees!

If you are spending some time scrolling on the Shin app, movig from outfit to another and adding like tons of items to your card… Well that’s not like your pinterest board anymore! Now you can order what you want from shein and ship it to Egypt without stressing yourself by logistics steps or asking sellers for good prices that will be already more than what you see in the app. you can calculate your order price before order anything including the international shipping price and customs fees with lynks.

buy online from shein and ship to Egypt

How to Buy Online From SHEIN USA Through Lynks

So, “What is Lynks?

Lynks is an online shopping service that helps you buy any product from thousands of online stores in the US, UK or UAE. We buy on your behalf, ship your order and deliver it to your door wherever you are in Egypt.

Lynks covers all the steps of the online shopping process, from dealing with your order requirements and customs clearance to shipping and delivery. In addition, it fully supports you with its cash-back deals and promotions on customs charges (up to 75%.)

 Follow these steps and shop with Lynks!

  1. Choose the best products out there from your favorite online stores from the US, UK, or UAE.
  2. Copy and paste their links in the blank cell or box located above the button: “Order Now.”
  3. Add the required product information.
  4. Add your shipping address.
  5. Choose a suitable payment option after checking the total cost.

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More about Lynks offers?

100% discount on customs for the first order and 3% cashback through the coupon inside the link
Lynks packages and discounts

Order now from amazon US and ship to Egypt!

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