How can you buy from Amazon without customs?


Many people are now seeking to buy from amazon because of its available original products and famous international brands. Amazon is currently the largest online store around the world that allows local and international customers to shop through it, since its inception in 1994. Amazon is headquartered in Washington; the United States of America.

Due to its great importance in the field of electronic commerce around the world, Lynks offers the service of buying from Amazon, shipping to Egypt, then delivering to your doorstep at the lowest costs and without customs.

How can you buy from Amazon without customs?

If you want to buy from Amazon eg without customs, you can buy through the Lynks website. The Lynks website bears the customs of the shipment requested by customers for the first time only, that is, if you are ordering the shipment of one or more products for the first time through the Lynks site; You will get your products without customs (zero customs).

Do the zero customs offer to apply only if I buy from Amazon?

No, Lynks gives this offer to customers in the event of their first order by it from any US or Chinese online store, such as:

  • drugstore website.
  • Target.
  • Michael Kors.
  • 6PM website.
  • Forever 21.

Are the zero customs offer only applicable when purchasing certain products?

No, you can take advantage of the zero customs offer provided by Lynks if you order any product you want. Among the products that are most requested through the Linux site, which acts as an intermediary to buy from amazone shopping online or other popular US or Chinese online stores:

  1. Clothes.
  2. Beauty products.
  3. Electronics.
  4. Phones.
  5. Watches.

How to buy from Amazon and benefit from the (Zero Customs) offer?

Lynks allows you to benefit from the (Zero Customs) offer through very simple steps, which are:

  1. Register on the official Lynks website by clicking on the “Create a New Account” icon on this link.
  2. Choose the product or products you want from Amazon or other popular online stores.
  3. Take the link for the product or selected products.
  4. Put it in the “Enter product link here” field on the Lynks homepage.
  5. Complete the required information and confirm the colors and number of the selected products. You will then be shown the total and detailed cost of the ordered products together with their customs deduction (if you are ordering for the first time).
  6. Choose the appropriate payment method for you.
  7. Pay the value of the requested shipment.
  8. Take the tracking link to track your shipment and know its location.
  9. Wait for 7 to 14 days, depending on the shipping method you have chosen.
  10. Receive your product or products at your home on the specified date.

Note, Lynks ships your products from America to Egypt without tax within America. This means that with Lynks, you will get the products you want from America or China without customs or taxes within America. In addition, the Lynks site gives you the advantage of getting 3% cashback on every shipment you order through it.

In other words, the Lynks website is the best and cheapest way to buy from Amazon or other global online stores. For more credibility, you can contact us at (16235) or visit our headquarters (1 Zaki Rajab Street intersection with Fawzi Moaz – Sama Smouha Tower – Above Qabbani Furniture Store – Smouha – Tenth Floor).

Costs of buying from Amazon via Lynks

  • Lynks service fee ($ 1 + 11% of the online product price).
  • Zero customs (for the first time only).
  • Zero tax within America (on each shipment).
  • Shipping fees (2$ for every 100 grams of product weight).
  • Additional fees if the product is requested to be shipped quickly (that is, within 7 to 10 working days).

Knowing that you will get 3% cashback of the full shipment value every time you make amazon shopping or any other famous online store through Lynks.

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