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Do you find yourself wavering between buying five bodysuits or 50? When it comes to stocking up on baby clothes, it’s hard to know the right number. While it’s tempting to include every tiny outfit imaginable, you want to make sure you have enough to cover messes – and be conscious of how fast babies grow! So, how many clothes does your baby actually need? Here’s a guide to help you figure it out.

Your Baby Clothes To-Buy List Essentials

For your little one’s wardrobe, this list of baby clothing essentials provides a comprehensive breakdown of the items you’ll need. Additionally, summer and winter baby items and special occasion pieces are all included. Get ready to assemble a dream closet for your precious newborn!

  • Seven Bodysuits or Rompers

Having seven bodysuits or rompers on hand will ensure you’ll always have something clean to dress your little one in. Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or a chilly winter’s night, you can find the perfect bodysuit for any season. With short- and long-sleeve styles to choose from, you’ll never be out of options. For those first few weeks after your baby’s birth, a kimono-style bodysuit or two is essential – the side-snap design ensures maximum comfort and convenience.

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  • Around Four baby Pants

Babies may not necessarily require pants, however, having a few pairs at hand – around four – can be useful for keeping those little legs warm on those cold days.

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  • Four  Sleepers or Gowns should be in your baby clothes wordrobe

Whether you’re looking for something to keep them cozy at night or to dress them up during the day, Sleepers, Footies and Gowns are the perfect addition to any baby’s wardrobe. Not only do they keep them snug and warm, but they make changing diapers a breeze. Plus, you can even pair a Swaddle with a Sleeper or Footie to help keep them toasty on cold nights!

baby sleepers pink

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  • Hats and beanies 

Stock up on two beanie-style hats for your little one; having one for wear and one for the wash is essential in the early weeks and months for keeping your baby warm. In colder climates, fleece hats can also come in handy, but never leave a hat on while the baby is sleeping!

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  • Three baby swaddles/Blankets – Newborn clothes

For many newborns, swaddling can be an incredibly comforting experience that helps them to sleep soundly. It enhances the cozy environment they had in the womb, and helps to prevent their startle reflex from awakening them. To swaddle your little one, you can use a regular blanket or opt for a two-in-one swaddle designed to make the process easier. In no time, your precious bundle will be snug as a bug in a rug!

baby blankets

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  • Baby Sweater

When the temperature drops, consider dressing the baby in either a cozy cardigan or a zipped hoodie for extra warmth. If things get a bit too hot, simply remove the top layer! An alternative to these garments is swaddling a baby in either a blanket or a two-in-one swaddle

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