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Gone are the days of walking through the mall in search of that perfect item; online shopping has revolutionized the way we shop!

and of course, Aliexpress is leading the way when we talk about E-commerce stores, providing access to millions of products from international brands at varying prices – making comparison shopping easy and allowing customers to check out user reviews before making their purchase. Shopping in the internet era has never been more convenient with endless options for shopping around the world, you can now buy all that you need from AliExpress China and the USA and receive it at your doorstep in Egypt through Lynks.

More about AliExpress, Do we have Aliexpress in Egypt?

AliExpress, a global online retail service headquartered in China, is part of the renowned Alibaba Group. Launched in 2010, this innovative platform links small businesses in China and other countries, such as Singapore, to international online shoppers who can purchase an incredible range of products.

Unfortunately, there is no Aliexpress Egypt website specific to operating in our region, but you can order directly from the Chinese one.  However, This may take a while to get to you, and there are very costly regarding customs and international shipping fees. For a smoother and faster experience, we suggest ordering through Lynks with discounts up to 100% on customs fees and 75% on international shipping. That way, you’ll be able to keep track of your delivery time with ease.

What amazing things can I purchase from AliExpress to bring to Egypt?

what to buy from aliexpress egypt


Every month, Ali Express is visited by over 200 million visitors. From a vast range of different brands, shoppers can find hundreds of millions of products, including replicas of renowned brands like Apple, Addidas, and Nike. Plus, with an immense selection of products available at various price points, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs. The top items to purchase from the site include:

  • Fashion and beauty
  • electronics and smartphones
  • computers, watches, and clocks
  • home and garden supplies, all come together to create a stylish living space.

Why to buy from Aliexpress to Egypt through Lynks?

buy from aliexpress egypt through lynks

  • Lower prices than Egypt: Buy the latest releases of laptops and mobiles at the lowest prices around by shopping from the original store in the Us and UAE
  • Payment facilities: cash, Fawry, credit card, and ValU installments
  • Cashback: Cashback up to 10% on all of your purchases
  • Discounts on customs and international shipping: Lynks shoulders the expense of customs charges, up to a generous 100% and offers 75% OFF on international shipping

How to buy from Aliexpress to Egypt through Lynks

  • Create a new account on our website
  •  Choose the item you want to order from Aliexpress and simply copy the product link and paste it into the blanket box on our homepage to proceed 
  • Once the cost of your order is totaled up, you can finalize the purchase and provide the address for delivery in Egyp

Find order steps in details Here

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