Shop from America, England or UAE and ship directly to Egypt via Lynks

All you need to buy from anywhere in the world, you will find it here

التسوق من أمريكا عن طريق لينكس

Know more about Lynks

It is a website that helps you buy and shop from America and millions of other online stores around the world in England and the UAE. Such as Adidas – Shein – Macy’s – Amazon America and other sites.

We purchase on your behalf and then ship the product through us to your door!

Lynks takes care of all logistical steps from the time of ordering the product until it is delivered to you, through the steps of customs clearance and international shipping.

اشتري من أمريكا واشحن إلى مصر

Why order via lynks?

Your first platform for shopping from America, England and the UAE

Shop directly from the original store

You can easily choose and shop from thousands of original stores and buy products and have them shipped via Linux at discounted prices.

Safe international shipping

Lynks guarantees you to maintain your shipment and compensate for it in case there is any kind of damage.

Fast shipping and professional customer service

The shipping process takes only 14: 20 days from the arrival of the order to our office, and you can track your order through the website or through customer service.

Calculate the total cost of the order

You can calculate all the expenses for your order, which include international shipping, customs and service fees, which guarantees you that there will be no additional expenses later – unless the weight of the shipment differs after receiving it –

Additional discounts on customs and international shipping

Discounts and promo codes on every order and fixed discount packages at reduced prices that you can purchase.

Cash back from 3 to 10%

You can benefit from cash back offers every time you place an order or purchase through Lynks.

Available payment methods

Various facilities and methods of payment

Offers and discounts

You can use the FIRST promo code on your FIRST order through the site

You can get additional discounts through discounted packages from Lynks

Shop without limits from thousands of online stores

You can shop from all websites without limits, even sites that do not provide shipping services to Egypt and have to disable their site inside the country for this reason, such as maycs. You can visit the site by using a VPN and thus access it and copy the link of your favorite product on our site to start the purchase process

Start your shopping journey

The fastest and easiest way!

Create a new account on the website

  • Start your shopping journey through the international stores on the site, or if you want to order a specific product, you can copy the product link and place it directly in the space provided for that
  • After calculating the final cost of your order, you can complete the purchase process and fill in the information for the receiving address


International stores we advise you to buy from them in America and the world


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