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Amazon Egypt; Now, many people are seeking to buy from Amazon because of its original products and famous international brands. Since its establishment in 1994, Amazon is currently the largest online store around the world that allows local and international customers to shop through it. Amazon is headquartered in Washington; United States of America.

Due to its great importance in the field of e-commerce around the world, Lynks offers the service of buying from Amazon Egypt, shipping online to Egypt, then delivery to your door at the lowest costs and without customs.


How can you buy from Amazon without customs?

If you want to buy from Amazon without customs, you can buy through Amazon Egypt directly.

Lynks Customs is responsible for the shipment that customers order for the first time only, that is, if you order one or more products for the first time through Lynks; You will get your products duty-free.

Is the ‘(zero customs) offer’ applied to purchases from Amazon only?

No, Lynks gives this offer to customers in the case of the first order from any American or Chinese online store such as:

  • drugstore.
  • Target.
  • Michael Kors.
  • 6PM.
  • Forever 21.


Is ‘the (zero customs) offer’ applied only during purchasing certain products?

No, you can take advantage of the zero customs offer provided by Lynks if you order any product you want. Among the products most in demand through the Lynks site, which acts as an intermediary for buying from Amazon or other famous American or Chinese e-commerce stores :

  • Clothing.
  • Cosmetic products.
  • Electronics.
  • Phones.
  • Watches.

How to buy from Amazon and take advantage of the offer (zero customs)


Lynks site allows you to take advantage of the (zero customs) offer through very simple steps, which are:

.Register on the official Lynks website by clicking on the “Create a new account” icon on this link

.Choose the products you want from Amazon or other popular online stores

.Take the link for the selected products

.Put them in the “Enter the product link here” box on the lynks’ homepage

Complete the required data and confirm the colors and number of the selected products.

You will then be shown the total and detailed cost of the products ordered with their customs discount (if you are ordering for the first time)

.Choose the appropriate payment method for you

.Pay the value of the requested shipment

.Take the tracking link to track your shipment and see where it is

.Waiting from 7 to 14 days depending on the shipping method you choose

.Receive your product at your home on time

Note, Lynks site supports your product’s shipping from the USA to Egypt without tax within America. This means that with Lynks  you will get the products you want from America or China without customs or tax inside America. In addition, Lynks gives you the advantage of getting 3% cashback on every shipment you order .

Lynks site is the best and cheapest way to buy from Amazon or other global e-commerce stores.

To learn more about us,  you can contact us at (16235) or visit our headquarters (1 intersection of Zaki Ragab Street with Fawzy Moaz – Sama Smouha Tower – above Qabbani Furniture Store – Smouha – 10th Floor).

Buying costs from Amazon via Lynks – Amazon Egypt


.Lynks service fee ($1 + 11% of the online product price)

.Zero customs (for the first time only)

.Zero US tax (on every shipment)

.Shipping Fee ($2 per 100g of product weight)

.Additional charges to expedited the shipped (ie within 7 to 10 business days)

Knowing that, you will get 3% cashback from the value of the entire shipment every time you order your products through Lynks

The most important brokers to buy from Amazon and ship products to Egypt


Important information about Amazon


The main reason behind the name Amazon is blessed with the famous Amazon River located in South America, which occupies the second place in terms of length and size in the world, and Jeff wanted with this name to make the site exactly like Amazon River .

the smile logo beneath the word starting from the A to the letter Z as a message he wants to convey to the world that the company is ready to provide all services from A to Z, and its most important priority is to draw a smile on the faces of customers.

Statistics confirmed that Amazon at the beginning of its work, during the first 30 days only, many customers placed orders for Amazon products from more than 50 states within the United States of America, in addition to receiving purchase orders from more than 45 countries from  around the world.

:Advantages of buying online from Amazon

Buying from Amazon is very interesting, as statistics have proven that the best online buying experience was done from this famous site that ranked high among e-commerce sites.

The possibility of canceling the purchase from the site as long as the product has not yet been shipped from USA to Egypt.

The site acts as a buying intermediary between the customer and the seller without deducting any commission, and it also allows the direct purchase process without the need for an intermediary.

Amazon provides after-sales services, where the site’s customer service receives all complaints submitted by its customers, especially in the event of a defect or damage to the product, the company immediately replaces it with another, and sometimes the customer receives compensation from the company either financially by reducing the price of the product Alternative, or present a small gift to the customer.

The store is full of many different and multiple products. Almost everything that customers need will be easily found inside the store. It contains clothes, accessories, jewelry and shoes, in addition to all food and consumer products.

The store provides a large number of countless services, part of which we mentioned in the previous paragraph, whether the marketing service through it or commission marketing in addition to the cloud storage service, deal services, used products in good condition and other services.

Amazon offers the best daily deals and deals, including great discounts and discounts.

Amazon prices have the best price commensurate with many customers of different classes, and this has been confirmed by several statistics and has already shown that its prices are among the best prices for electronic stores.

Multiple and varied payment systems to make it easier for customers so that each customer can buy the product in the way he prefers.

The site’s products are well categorized and arranged, for easy search for the preferred product, where you can search for the lowest price, highest rated or best seller.

The more customers who buy from Amazon, the more discounts the company offers to this customer, in addition to providing great discount coupons and special gifts.

The free shipping feature that Amazon provides for some products, which made many customers scramble to buy those products for free shipping.

The site includes the most famous international brands for all products, whether classic and sports clothing, in addition to the best and most expensive watches and other products.

It offers two shipping methods, each at a price, as there is a fast shipping feature through which the shipment can arrive within only one week at higher costs, with normal shipping that does not require additional expenses and arrives within 14 to 21 days.

The company undertakes the duties of customs clearance and all procedures for entering the product into Egypt without any interference from the customer. Its role is to deliver the product to the customer without worrying about anything.

The ability to browse Amazon products either through the official website on computers, in addition to the availability of Amazon application that works on Android phones and iPhones as well.

Notify the customer of all the approximate expenses that the shipment will cost until it reaches you, i.e. the total price with an invoice with the product price and shipping expenses in addition to the expenses of customs clearance procedures.

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