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The Amazon store is one of the most important shopping platforms in the world. Recently, it gained a global reputation since online shopping became widespread among people all over the world. The reason behind being a perfect choice for you is the easy way of shopping through it and making quick deals. Amazon provides the best services with huge offers and discounts that bless you, this success can be noted through the highest market sales percentage achieved among all other platforms..

:About the Amazon website

Certainly, there is some information that you do not know about a well-established company such as Amazon, which we will fully explain in this article, as Amazon was established more than 20 years ago, specifically since 1994 AD on the fifth of July, and the credit for its establishment is attributed to (Jeff Bezos) Within the state of Washington, specifically in the city (Bellevue), and it was initially limited to selling some e-books, and the company was initially known as (Cadabra),

Subsequently, Cadabra turned, during nearly 8 years, into the largest website that includes the largest number of different goods, and since 2002 AD, Amazon began to reap huge profits as a result of successive shopping operations, and the Amazon market spread among the middle of many users at the state level. The United States of America.

Where is included in its products, starting with books, then expanded its products and sold CDs of mp3 music files or video game discs, as well as a selection of audiobooks, and after several years, the Amazon online shopping began to expand more, as it began to offer many of Women’s and children’s fashion, in addition to men’s clothing, and some accessories and jewelry that carry the most famous brands, and this success is due to only 140 employees working in the company for several years.

Recent statistics have confirmed that Amazon ranked second among the companies whose value exceeded one trillion dollars, which is a huge number, but the Amazon site deserves it well, as it is one of the distinguished sites that developed itself quickly, and it is a name with a history of 27 years.

Therefore, it is a leading company in many areas, whether in international or local online purchases and shopping or the field of computing and cloud storage units, in addition to its artificial intelligence properties and digital streaming services, so it has become one of the technology giants whose name is included in the list of the most important four Companies around the world are Facebook, Apple, and Google.

The Amazon website was created to serve a wide range of customers worldwide with the possibility of shopping and shipping or delivery to various European and Arab countries as well, as Amazon includes an infinite number of different products, goods, and many services.

The site has limited the number of annual visits to the site in 2008, which were no less than 615 visitors from different countries of the world.

The site also counted the number of monthly visits in 2016, amounting to more than 130 million visitors throughout the states of America.

As the site is very organized, it displays all products as divided categories and each section falls under another list related to the same category to facilitate searching and browsing within the site completely free, in addition to displaying the evaluation of each product by customers, with a display of user opinions so that the new customer can know Comments of others before completing purchases.

The site includes all the products that come to your mind, which combine famous international brands with products with levels and prices that suit all groups and classes of society.

Amazon US expansions

The beginning of the launch of Amazon America was in 1997 when this year it launched a special network for distribution in multiple states, the most important of which are (Seattle, Delaware, Newcastle) to sell books only.

In 1998, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, It started selling CDs, video game discs, audio files, and audiobooks.

After that, its founder, Jeff Bezos, created a website for Amazon to display the company’s products, as it expanded to include many basic products that everyone needs, and got out of the framework of books and discs.

The reason why Jeff Bezos chose to name the company he heads was because of his knowledge that the Amazon River is the largest in the world in terms of area, so he loved it and launched it on his site, as his ambition was to raise his company to be the largest e-commerce company in the world.

After the passage of many years and the expansion of Amazon’s fields and products, the company won the title of the best retailer in the United States of America in 2015.

In 2018, Amazon began to spread and achieve real profits, which amounted to more than 10 billion dollars, and its annual profits amounted to more than 232,887 billion dollars, so it ranked No. 8 according to Fortune500 statistics as one of the largest companies within the United States of America in terms of its revenues.

Recently, the company was listed as one of the most important global e-commerce companies, as it uses the properties of artificial intelligence, and ranked second as a private and successful business in the United States of America in terms of the success of its business and its revenues, which have been increasing for several consecutive years.

?Who is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Jeff Bezos, whose real name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos, is a businessman with American citizenship, and he is the main founder of Amazon and has presided over it for many years, in addition to being the CEO of the company as well.

As for his date of birth, he was born in early 1964, on January 12, and studied computer science in 1982 at Princeton University, located in New Jersey, in the United States of America.

When he graduated from it, he attended a science training program within the University of Florida, the University of Florida, and it is worth noting that he was very diligent, as he received the Silver Knight Award, so he was known for his excessive obsession with science since his inception, and this was demonstrated through the small laboratory that he established in a garage family home.

After that, he joined the labor market and his first job was as a financial analyst within D.E Shaw for a short period, then he began to set up and establish a company and Amazon site to buy, and it is worth noting that he was included in the list of the richest men in the world, and despite the impact of the Covid 19 virus on the economy in various countries of the world, but statistics confirmed that Jeff Bezos continues to make amazing profits, USA Today newspaper confirmed that he is likely to surpass the title of a millionaire to the title of trillionaire in the world, and Comparison company also predicted that during 2026 he will get Jeff got that nickname.

But some news confirmed that Jeff Bezos left the company’s main headquarters responsible for shipping operations and joined the Amazon Cloud service about two years ago, as the next era is the era of cloud storage.

Purchases from Amazon

Amazon has proven that its shipping rates, especially international shipping, are much better than the shipping rates of other companies, and they deliver products in a shorter period.

The site first asks you about the country you live in or through which you follow the site so that it places links to some products within Arab buying sites that provide the same product instead of incurring the trouble of shipping from the USA.

The process of buying and selling through the site is smooth, as the policy of return and exchange or cancellation of the purchase order is very flexible, even if you complete the payment process, you can cancel the order as long as it has not been shipped from the company’s headquarters in America.

As we mentioned that Amazon displays all sellers’ products and each seller sets his price on his product, the site filters the prices and includes them in a separate list, and when the consumer chooses a 

product at a certain price, the site alerts the buyer that another seller is selling the same commodity at a better price.

The site displays calculating the final and total cost of the product by shipping customs clearance procedures so that the customer knows everything about the item and what he will pay in full for the product.

The most important products offered by Amazon

The company includes a large number of products that it provides completely on its official website, and they are as follows:

.Fashionable men’s and women’s clothing

.Various baby products from A to Z from shoes to headwear, for different age groups

.Electrical appliances that every home needs, carrying all brands on the market

.Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and some of their accessories

.Beauty products for skin and hair for both men and women

.Grocery stores and supermarkets contain all kinds of goods that the consumer needs

.Personal care and health care products for all ages

.Kitchen utensils vary between the traditional and the most advanced kitchen utensils

Men’s and women’s jewelry and ornaments, whether made of gold, silver, or diamonds, carry the most famous international brands

Various watches for men, women, and children, whether digital, smart, or analog, at different prices and different brands

.Various garden tools you need

.Various children’s games develop their skills and entertain them for different age groups

.A special section for various musical instruments

A special section for sporting goods and equipment for lovers of exercising at home with the latest machines and equipment

.Car accessories and all its equipment

Services provided by Amazon

The site offers a variety of services, which are as follows:

Today’s Deal

It is the service that Amazon offers to all its customers as it provides great products at an irresistible price and this offer or this deal remains available for 24 hours for lovers to seize the opportunity, so just call it a deal and it is followed by creating an account within the Amazon application and then choosing a sign Today’s deal tab, including more than one product.

:International Shipping Services (Amazon Global)

Among the most prominent services provided by Amazon is the international shipping service, through which it serves all consumers and buyers from outside the borders of the United States of America. Within the site, there is a list of the most prominent products allowed for international shipping to many different countries of the world, the price of international shipping, and the amount deducted for customs clearance services. As the site performs all shipping procedures on behalf of consumers and shoppers.

:Amazon Payment

Of course, we all know that there are popular electronic payment services such as PayPal, Easy Pay, Wallet, Adfa3ly, and other different payment methods. Amazon has issued a new service to send and receive money through it, which is the Amazon Payment Service, and this service does not need to open an account within certain banks, but rather everything You have to create an account for shopping and shipping within the site through which you can pay, and the site confirmed that there is no possibility of hacking users’ data or their accounts, and the company’s officials for this service explained that it is not only used on the Amazon USA site or the Amazon online shopping in Egypt but can be used within many online shopping sites that support this service.

:Amazon Cloud Drive

The Amazon cloud service is completely similar to Google Drive, as it provides storage capacity for all users to keep what they want from files, photos, videos, and GIFs inside them without affecting the internal phone memory, and this service provides a large space of 5 GB completely free of charge, and in case of need The user to more cloud space can buy additional space easily, and the service can be activated by creating an account and then logging in and finally clicking on my account and from there to Cloud Drive.

:Warehouse Deals

Warehouse or warehouse stands for used goods and products that Amazon’s Store Deals sells to facilitate customers who are looking for products in good, almost new condition, lightly used, and at good prices, which is what this store provides from screens, smartphones, or electrical appliances in good condition at less than 60% of its original price.

:Amazon Gift Cards

Within Amazon, there is a very wonderful feature, which is the possibility of gifting the customer or the buyer to his friends and loved ones a card with a certain amount of money so that the gifted person can shop with it without paying any additional money, all he has to do is write the numbers on the card to receive the product to the door of the house without any fees, It is very similar to phone cards to recharge the balance that one user can charge to another person.

:Amazon Associates

It is a marketing service provided by Amazon to many marketers who own content publishing channels to inform a visual advertisement of any product or written blogs about the advantages of the product to promote it on a large scale, and in return, the user receives a good commission for completing each purchase, and this system is similar to the famous affiliate program and e-marketing operations.

:Amazon FBA

Amazon offers a profitable service to help all sellers and product owners who wish to promote them by presenting these products on its platforms to spread and widen the scope of the marketing process, as e-commerce through its platform are considered 100% successful, especially as it is the most important and most popular online marketplace.

:Amazon Paid (Amazon Prime)

The Amazon website also offers many distinct and additional services to customers participating in this feature, which is done by collecting a monthly amount in exchange for the following services:

Exemption from shipping fees with the ability to deliver the product to the customer subscribed with this additional benefit within 24 hours only without additional fees or at a reduced amount, for local shipping in Egypt

Exemption from international shipping charges and faster product arrival, but a minimum order of 100 AED or its equivalent in other currencies is required

.Watch the latest and newest series and movies

The ability to enjoy the games completely free of charge, while getting all the paid items inside them completely free of charge

.Special offers and deals for subscribed customers

:Amazon online shopping requirements

.An account must be created within the Amazon platform

.The correct and complete address must be entered for both international and domestic shipping

.Add two phone numbers for easy access by the representative to you

The buyer must have a Visa credit card, whether MasterCard or Visa Card, for the buyer to pay the amount due for the product and the value of shipping

:How to buy from Amazon Egypt

The purchase process is made in simple steps. All you have to do is to visit the official website of Amazon or the Amazon application and go to the main page.

Write down the name of the product you want to get in the top search box, or browse the store’s categories as it is very organized and divided each according to its products, with the ability to categorize the search process according to price or rating.

After that, a group of products will appear as a result of your search process within the site or application, and it always shows the most selling products in the recent period and maybe the most likely three products, the highest-rated and the most appropriate price.

Click on the product that you like, its specifications and the evaluation of users about it, in addition to its price commensurate with your budget, after that you will find on the product page itself the word “shipping”, click on it to choose the country in which you want to receive the product, whether Egypt or another country, where Amazon serves a wide sector from clients in different countries of the world.

It is worth noting that there are some products written next to the word eligible for online shipping to Egypt, which means that this commodity is available to be shipped to Amazon in Egypt or to the Lynks purchasing broker, which is considered Amazon Egypt, as well as with many other countries.

Determine the required number of the product and determine its color, and if it is clothes or shoes, select the appropriate size, and do not forget to follow the degree of evaluation and opinions about the use of the product before worrying about the purchase process.

The site provides a product search filter on its sidebar, which means that you can specify the price, color, and evaluation degree of this product to reach the product you are looking for faster.

The product page also provides the international shipping price, customs extracts, payment mechanism, shipping method, and all product arrival information to you.

If the price of the product is high, you can not order some of the product’s accessories or accessories until the price is reduced, so the weight will also decrease, which leads to a decrease in the shipping price as well.

Amazon provides two types of shipping, one of which is fast, which makes the site provides a product search filter on its sidebar, which means that you can specify the price, color, and evaluation degree of this product to reach the product you are looking for faster.

The product page also provides the international shipping price, customs extracts, payment mechanism, shipping method, and all product arrival information to you.

If the price of the product is high, you can not order some of the product’s accessories until the price is reduced, so the weight will also decrease, which leads to a decrease in the shipping price as well.

Amazon provides two types of shipping, one of which is fast, which makes the product reach you faster, but requires higher costs, and normal shipping, which takes a longer period, but requires lower shipping costs.

 Products reach you faster but require higher costs, and normal shipping, which takes a longer period but requires lower shipping costs.

The moment has come to select the payment method provided by the site, as it has several options, including a bank card, and provides you with fields to enter the card data, or if you have an Amazon gift card, enter the code written in it in the field designated for that.

The site supports some local currencies as it supports the Egyptian pound in addition to some other currencies, and you can also pay in US dollars.

After completing the purchase process and completing all the data for the phone, address and name, click on the Proceed To Checkout button to complete the purchase transaction.

After that, a message will come with its content that the purchase process has been completed and your request is being reviewed, with the possibility of tracking the shipping process, as messages will come via the w

7ebsite or application with the shipment’s itinerary and the expected time of arrival.

Information about shopping and shipping from Amazon to Egypt

The site does not provide the feature of payment on delivery at all. Rather, payment is made as we explained in the previous paragraph, that is, payment is made in advance

If the customer has a US mailbox, he will have an order to ship any product even if it is not available for operation within the country in which he lives.

Before you start buying any product from Amazon, make sure that the visa you use in the purchase process will not exceed the maximum limit.

Return policy is made within 14 days from the date of receiving the product if the product is not of the required quality or has a defect.

Try to visit the box of the day’s deal, through which you can follow the latest offers at the best prices that may be 60% less than their original price.

Amazon provides some products that do not require additional shipping fees upon request, and it is written next to it that free shipping, and indeed shipping is done without paying the lowest fees except the price of the product only.

The possibility of buying from the site and paying in the local currency, as the site supports some currencies, and if it does not support them, some credit cards automatically convert the local currency to the US dollar.

Lynks (Amazon Egypt) provides the best way to buy from the American Amazon website, where you can receive your purchases at your address in Egypt and pay in Egyptian pounds with zero customs if you order for the first time through the Lynks website.

How to create an account on Amazon

It is better if the customer intends to be a permanent customer with Amazon to create an account to be able to order any product without having to enter his data every time he makes an order. To create an account within the Amazon platform, follow the following:

Open the main interface within the Amazon website, and then click on the Sign-in button on the top bar of the interface.

After that, click on the Create your account button.

Fill in all the required data from you, which is your name, email, and password, then retype the password to confirm.

So you have completed the login process, now click on your account button to set some personal data that does not make you need to re-enter it every time.

After clicking on the Account button, click on the address and enter your address or the address of the person who will permanently receive your shipments, and enter the country, full name, city, or province, in addition to the postal number and phone number to facilitate communication between you and the delivery representative.

After that, click on the payment options, where more than one payment method is available within Amazon. Choose either the MasterCard bank card or Visa Card, paid coupon gifts, etfa3ly, and other methods, choose the appropriate method for you and then enter the card data in terms of its date and number.

Thus, you have completed all the necessary steps to set up the account.

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